Foods that Help Eyesight in Our Kids

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There are many foods that are good for our health in many ways, and the same goes for foods that can help improve eyesight for children. If you want to start implementing foods into your child’s diet that can help improve their eyesight, check out some of the best foods for doing so below.
Fruits are packed full of nutrients that are healthy for many reasons. However, there are some fruits that are especially helpful for improving eyesight. Strawberries and other red berries are loaded with Vitamin C, which is good for protecting eyes from the possibility of eye diseases like cataracts by keeping your eyes healthy. Strawberries also have lots of Vitamin B and fiber for improved eye health as well. Oranges are another good fruit for eyesight due to their high volume of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that helps keep blood vessels and connective tissues in your eyes functioning as they should. Oranges also have potassium, fiber, folate, and calcium which are also great nutrients for eye health.
Although it can be difficult to get your kids to eat their vegetables if you can find a way to sneak them into their diet, veggies do wonders for keeping eyesight healthy. Spinach is one vegetable that contains many nutrients for keeping your eyes healthy. Spinach has been known to do wonders for eye health due to Vitamin A, iron, Vitamin K, and folate. Spinach has been known to decrease the risk of macular degeneration due to these ingredients. Sneak in some spinach by adding it to a fruit smoothie!
Sweet potatoes are another great vegetable for eye health and one that might be easier to swallow for children due to its’ taste. Sweet potatoes contain the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which have been known to decrease the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Sweet potatoes are also packed with Vitamin A, potassium, fiber, and carotene, so they are similar to carrots but taste much better!
Other Foods
Nuts and eggs can also improve eyesight for children. Nuts such as walnuts are full of Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, all linked to eye health and the decreased risk of age-related eye diseases. Walnuts can be easily mixed with raisins and chocolate for a yummy, and eye health, trail mix! Eggs are good for eye health due to their high source of zinc and Vitamin E. Another food to add to the list of eye-healthy foods is seafood. Tuna, Salmon, and other fish are full of DHA, which can improve the health and function of your retina.

Give Your Eyes The Tender Loving Care They Need

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There is more about children’s sight than meets the eye. Vizavance has been protecting and improving children’s education through vision since 1965, and we have been the only nonprofit organization in Oklahoma that have been helping schools make sure that the student’s vision will not obstruct their development. With more than 50 years of serving the community, Vizavance has seen the great impact eyesight can have on schoolchildren.
With that said, here are a few facts about the windows of your soul.
Facts About Eyesight in Your Children’s Education
Your children’s eyes are immensely important for your child’s education. Eyesight contributes to almost 85% of total knowledge. The importance about eyesight is not only due to how much of a big factor it is in learning, but also because a sizeable number of children (and adults too) learn more through seeing.
65% of the population are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network. But that is not all since communication is largely nonverbal. 93% of human communication is through vision, with 85% of which is body language and 8% facial expressions. Also, people remember 20% of what they read but remember 80% of what they see, which is a big reason why graphic learning is effective as compared to just reading.
Because visual learning is so important, students who have trouble seeing may have issues with their grades. They also may not tell anyone that they are having trouble seeing the board or other areas of the classroom when in fact there’s more to the situation than just not excelling at their work.
The Reality in the World
Eyesight is important and everyone can see that. However, diminishing and even losing vision is becoming a real growing concern. In 2015, there are approximately 61,739 children in the United States who are legally blind, which grew from 60,393 children in 2014, as reported by the American Foundation for the blind.
The Vision Council of America and a Johnson and Johnson Study, both in 2006, found out that 1 in 4 school children have problems with their eyesight. The World Health Organization also reported that there are 19 million children worldwide who have a visual impairment. 12 million of those have impairments due to refractive errors, which can be diagnosed and improved without difficulty.
Vizavance is and will always be fighting untiringly for the vision of schoolchildren, but we can only do so much. Help us reach out to more children by asking your school to have us do vision screenings. Our screeners are certified by the state and we provide immediate feedback. You can offer this amazing service to your students to assist them in making sure they have every possibility to succeed with their schoolwork. Our team is working to help reduce vision issues among the students of today and help them to succeed in all they do. Join us in our fight against visual impairment and together, we can help our children see how bright the future is.

Vision Screening in Oklahoma Schools

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Vision screenings are important for the overall development and health of children. Your school should be providing vision screenings to students. Vizavance is a nonprofit in Oklahoma that offers vision screenings to all 77 counties.
Why Are Vision Screenings Important?
A child’s vision contributes to their success at school, their physical development, their social development, and overall health. As children grow from infants and toddlers into young children, equal input from both eyes is needed for the brain’s vision centers to develop normally. Early vision screenings are available to child care centers and early head start programs to catch issues early on.
When undetected, vision problems could cause children to be unsuccessful in school. If they are struggling to see the board, their assignments, or other activities in the classroom, they will not do well. Failure in these areas can be discouraging and can cause students to act out or not participate in the work at all.
When Should Children Be Screened?
Children should have their eyes screened as infants for general health and normalcy of the eye. At this young age, children cannot vocalize whether they are seeing clearly. This is why school vision screenings are so important – vision problems go undetected until school work starts to suffer.
As soon as a problem is detected, schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor. Vizavance provides Vision Service Plan benefits to families who qualify, offering a free eye exam and glasses.
How to Schedule Your Vision Screening
Vizavance is working with schools in all 77 counties of Oklahoma. Check our schedule to see if we are coming to your child’s school. A school administrator can reach out to our company to have our vision screening professionals come to your child’s school.
If you think vision screenings from Vizavance would benefit your school, give us a call at 405-848-7123 or reach out to us at We are happy to answer any questions about our services and schedule your child’s vision screening.

Early Vision Screening Can Change Your Child’s Learning Capabilities

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Your child’s vision and their learning development are closely intertwined. It is said that 80% of education materials are presented to children visually. Detecting problems early can make a big impact in your child’s life.
Schedule a Vision Screening
There are quite a few vision problems that could be giving your child difficulty. The most common conditions a vision screening can show are nearsightedness, farsightedness, ambloyia, strabismus, and astigmatism. These disorders can affect the way your child reads the board at school, has success in completing their homework, or excels in sports.
Vizavance is working with schools in all 77 counties of Oklahoma to offer vision screenings to students. We are working with child care facilities, early head start programs, and public or private schools. Offering these screenings gives you an opportunity to discover a vision issue that may have gone unnoticed.
After a vision screening, your child may be recommended to visit the eye doctor for a comprehensive exam. This will be able to further determine the problem and could possibly result in eyeglasses for your child, allowing them to succeed at school.
Noticing Symptoms
Vision screenings are a great way to determine if your child is having any vision problems. Here are other common symptoms you can watch out for before a vision screening takes place:
SquintingComplaints of headachesWorsening performance at schoolEyes turning inward or outwardLosing their place while readingRubbing eyesSitting close to the TVHolding books or tablets close to their faceUsing a finger to keep their place while reading
Help Your Child Succeed
If you notice any of these symptoms, or your child’s vision screening shows they are having trouble seeing, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Getting vision correction can make a big difference in your child’s life. After receiving vision correction, you should notice an increase in their confidence and a positive change in their school work.
Vizavance offers Vision Service Plan benefit vouchers to qualifying families. Your child’s vision and success is important to us. These vouchers offer a free eye exam and glasses to families who may not have been able to afford it, giving their child a better chance at their education.

We Have Screened 313,371 Students!

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Vizavance is a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma that provides free vision screenings to students across the state. In the 2015-2016 school year, over 360,000 students were screened, and so far, this year 313,371 students have been screened.How Do the Numbers Add Up? The numbers represent the children whose lives were affected by having their vision screened. Majority of what children learn in the classroom involves vision. Depending on the age of the child, it is hard to notice if they are struggling to see, especially if they don’t know what they are seeing isn’t normal. Vision problems are very significant when it comes to learning and developing. A staggering 25% of school-aged children have a vision problem that, when gone unnoticed, has negatively impacted their learning abilities. If never corrected, vision problems are linked with juvenile delinquency – startlingly, 70% of children considered delinquent have issues with their vision. Vizavance assists Oklahoma schools to ensure all children in Oklahoma are provided with free vision screening. Of the screenings done last year, about 36,000 children were recommended for a complete eye exam in order for the children to get corrective lenses.Children Won’t Always Speak for Themselves Vision problems often go unnoticed. Your children may not be aware they should be seeing the world in a different way. A vision screening allows parents to get a better idea of the condition of your child’s eyes and if they may need a vision adjustment. Here are some common signs your child is struggling to see. Sitting close to the TV. If your child sits very close to the TV, it may not be because they really like the show. Most likely, they are struggling to see. Squinting their eyes. Pay attention when your child is trying to focus on things in the distance. If you notice they are squinting a lot, they may be having difficulty seeing. Complaints of headaches. Constant strain on the eyes or trying to see clearly can cause headaches. If your child is complaining of frequent headaches, especially after reading or screen time, they may have a vision problem. Contact your school today to find out when Vizavance can provide a free vision screening.

Everything You Should Know About Vizavance

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Vizavance, formerly known as Prevent Blindness Oklahoma, is a nonprofit organization. This organization was established in 1965 to help promote awareness of early vision intervention for children.
Vizavance currently serves all 77 counties in Oklahoma. Their goal is to advance children’s education through free vision screenings for the children. They are a leading organization in the region and are making a difference in their community through their work.
Why Are Vision Screenings Important?
Children learn and grow their knowledge through their eyes. In fact, 80% of what children learn in a classroom setting is from something they have to see. If a child is struggling with their vision, they will not succeed in the classroom setting.
Roughly 25% of school aged children have a vision problem affecting their learning, but only around 15% of those children will visit an eye doctor before starting school. By offering vision screenings, we are giving all children a chance to have their vision problems addressed before it is too late.
Who Have We Helped?
In the 2015-2016 school year, we provided 365,156 children with a free vision screening. These screenings are for children 6 months old through 12th grade. Vizavance works with child care centers, Head Start Centers, and public and private schools.
Of the students we screened, 36,368 of them were referred to an eye care professional for an eye exam. Our free vision screenings make parents aware of a slight or serious vision problem they may not have known about. Catching vision problems early and getting the proper correction can make a difference in your child’s life. We believe children are unable to reach their full potential until they can see correctly. Sometimes the difference between success and failure in school is as simple as a pair of glasses!
What Else Do We Do?
We offer Vision Service Plan Benefit vouchers for free exams and glasses to families who qualify, making it possible for parents to give their children proper eye care if they could not afford it on their own.
Vizavance also provides classes for nurses, school staff, and healthcare professionals who have an interest in becoming a Children’s Vision Screener. All our staffs undergo this training and are skilled professionals at vision screenings.
Contact Vizavance today to schedule your child’s FREE vision screenings.