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Commit to a Childs Eye Health in 2020

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The holidays are here, and it is time for family reunions, great meals, many gifts, and some charity. At Vizavance, we hope everyone has a good time this holiday season and a fantastic start to the New Year! In these busy times, it is easy for people to lose track of family as they focus on work or personal responsibilities. The holidays allow everyone to reconnect, helping people strengthen their family bonds.

Vizavance continues to be committed to promoting eye health and hopes to reach more children in 2020 with our free children’s vision test in Oklahoma. We will continue to spread awareness and help parents get good eye health care for their kids.

An Opportunity to Discuss Eye Health

It’s common for families to discuss a wide range of topics during Christmas or Hanukkah get-togethers. You have the perfect opportunity to discuss children’s eye health, especially with young parents who have a toddler or pre-school kid at home. Here are some essential facts to consider:

  • Children should get their first eye exam when they are six months old.
  • They should have another children’s eye exam when they are three years old.
  • If no issues are detected, you get can another eye exam when they’re 5-6 years old.
  • Children with no vision problems should get a comprehensive eye check-up every two years after they start school.
  • If your child wears glasses or contact lenses, you should get eye exams for kids annually after they start school.
  • If one of your family members expresses concern about their child’s ability to focus in school or their performance, recommend a children’s eye exam to them. Sometimes children with vision problems struggle to maintain excellent performance. Kids who can’t read print or see the chalkboard correctly face a lot of difficulty during their school years.

Gift for 2020 – Help with Vision

Proper attention to eye health is the greatest gift you can give to your children in 2020. You can opt for a regular eye exam for kids in Oklahoma through their school or book a separate appointment with us. Here are some signs that indicate your child may need an eye test.

  • They don’t perform well in sports and have poor hand-eye coordination.
  • They struggle to read words on a page even though they should know how to read reasonably well.
  • They have constant headaches because it is harder to see.
  • You get frequent complaints about blurry vision.
  • Your kids tend to sit a little too close to the TV.
  • School performance drops without any apparent reason like bullying, mental health issues, etc.
  • A child continually squints to see things more clearly.

If you notice any of these signs, get a free children’s eye exam today. It can help you detect problems early and provide timely and appropriate treatment.

Vizavance has tested over 5 million children in Oklahoma and helped them with their vision problems. All vision screening for Oklahoma children is done free of cost. If we notice any issues, our experts will refer you to a qualified professional for further treatment.

Make a commitment towards your child’s eye health in 2020 and get a free children’s eye test today!

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