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Fundraising in the digital age

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Technology has touched every facet of our lives and fundraising has been impacted by this. The way me make payments has changed so very few of us carry cash these days. The carrying of collection boxes and encouraging loved ones to give loose change for charity is becoming a distant memory. The rise of digital fundraising is bringing in new and exciting ways to raise money. The pace at which this change is coming to life is fast and embracing technology for social causes like free children’s eye exam or vision screening for Oklahoma children is the right way forward.

The technological influence began in the 1990s when the World Wide Web came to life.  The way we communicate and operate has been constantly changing ever since. Today is the age of Uber and Spotify. How businesses engage with customers has completely altered with the new technologies. However, the world of charity was initially a little slow to recognise and adopt this new way forward.  What is now exciting is that many charities working in the space of free children’s eye test have embraced the digital age with open arms. Here are some of the fundraising technologies you can use in your next campaign on children’s eye test Oklahoma and make it a grand success.

Personalized approach:

A global study found 44% of people are more willing to donate at least 10% more to a cause when they see a personalized experience. When it comes to millennials the percentage shoots up to 62%. Hence, while designing a fundraising campaign it is very important to keep all the stakeholders like donors, advocates, or customers, in mind. The campaign must not be designed from only the organization’s perspective.

Paying with a voice command to smart speakers:

The number of smart device owners is constantly on the rise and a huge chunk own smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Think from your customer’s point of view. If they wish to donate for eye exams for kids or eye test for kids they can just say ‘Alexa, help me to make a donation’. Some big names like Breast Cancer Care are already leveraging this technology.

Leverage mobile platforms:

Mobile usage for a search has increased tremendously and has surpassed the use of desktop. Hence, it is best to tap the mobile platform for fundraising campaigns. This brings the option to donate by one’s fingertips and makes it convenient to donate for any good cause.

Think Digital:

There are many ways to create a strategy for digital fundraising, one very lucrative one is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a great way for donors to donate and support a cause that they believe in without huge contributions or a long-term commitment. With crowdfunding platforms, you can create a community around the cause you are supporting and create a personalized campaign around the same. Tie this up with social media promotion to reach the maximum number of people and generate awareness. If you believe in our cause of offering free children’s eye tests, please visit our website

Kids Vision Test OKC

The Importance of Eye Screening from a Young Age

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The pandemic seems to be staying here until a vaccine makes an official debut. As the percentage of recoveries continues to increase, it is expected that the Covid-19 pandemic will increasingly be treated as a normal part of life. It is worth considering that normal activities must continue on, including students’ education. And when it comes to young children, early eye exams for kids are an important part of the process.

We at Vizavance, provide free children’s eye tests in Oklahoma and are driven by the goal to advance their education through better vision. Our vision screenings help identify vision issues that can interfere with the academic success and normal abilities of children. We work with different sorts of schools, daycare centers, and Head Start Centers throughout Oklahoma. 

Our Upcoming Events

Our services for vision screening for Oklahoma children can also include vouchers for free eye exams and even glasses for qualifying families. We provide vision-related health and safety information and screening to both children and adults at a wide range of events including corporate, school, and community health fairs. 

The 2nd Annual Beer Tasting Competition is an upcoming event where you can find out more about children’s eye testing in Oklahoma. The event will involve a beer contest, food to sample, lots of games, and a silent auction. It will be held in Skyline on Bricktown Canal.

The Importance of Vision Screening

We conduct eye exams for kids in Oklahoma with the goal of identifying existing or potential eye problems. Some of the common conditions that are detected in these tests include:

  • Amblyopia or lazy eye
  • Media opacity
  • Refractive error
  • Ocular alignment

According to the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health, kids should get an eye screening by the time they are 5 years old. This is important for finding and ruling out any vision disorders.

Signs of Eye Disorders

If a child is showing any signs of struggling with their vision, it is recommended to schedule an eye test for kids. Some of the signs that a child may be struggling with vision are as follows:

  • Struggling with studies
  • Squinting
  • Loss of place when reading
  • Difficulty with hand-eye coordination
  • Use of one eye more often than the other
  • Awkward distance for holding reading material
  • Sensitivity to light or headache

If a free children’s eye exam shows normal results, there is nothing more to do. It is still recommended to get annual eye screenings to detect any changes in vision health. If an abnormality is detected in vision, the child will be referred to an eye doctor for further testing. Vision is among the most important aspects in the development a child’s learning. At Vizavance, we are dedicated to facilitating free children’s vision test in Oklahoma and creating awareness about the importance of vision screenings. If you need more information about our services call us today at 405-848-7123.

Vizavance WOW

EYE-mazing, We Have Screened 250,000 Children

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At Vizavance, we are committed to children’s eye health. Our focus has always been on encouraging parents to ensure that their children’s vision should be monitored so that issues can be fixed on time. Right through the pandemic, we have continued providing free children’s vision tests in Oklahoma.

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Free Eye Test for Children

Children Need A Break From Screens To Rest Their Eyes

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The pandemic has forced everyone to rely on digital devices for entertainment, communication, education, and work. Children and adults spend hours gazing at their phone, tablet, or computer screens, which can take a toll on their eye health. At Vizavance, we encourage parents to be especially careful and monitor how much time the kids spend on a device. We also encourage parents to get Oklahoma eye exam for kids to keep track of their vision health.

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Vizavance puts safety first

Vizavance Employee Safety

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on almost everyone. It has forced people to stay at home and practice self-isolation for months. It has created an unemployment crisis that has affected millions of people. Despite this, life must go on, and parents must do their best to keep their children safe.

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IRIS Cloud Based System

Our Cloud-Based System Helped Weather The Pandemic

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A global pandemic is a risky, complicated situation that can impact people from all walks of life. Whether you are a small business owner or a school teacher, this pandemic has influenced your life and livelihood. Fortunately, technology has made the situation a little more bearable. It has allowed people to communicate, work from home, learn new things, and find suitable entertainment. At Vizavance, we have used technology to ensure a child’s eye health isn’t lost in all of the chaos.

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Childrens Vision Screening OKC

Signs That Your Child Has An Eyesight Issue

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Eye health and good vision are crucial for the overall learning and development of your child. Their vision continues to develop until they are 8 or 9 years old. This also makes it necessary to get your child’s eyesight checked so you can catch issues early and get them treated on time.

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Seemore and Friends Event

Our First Kids Event Was A Huge Success

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At Vizavance, we always explore opportunities to educate people in our community about vision and eye health. We look for fun, exciting ways to encourage children, make parents more aware, and spread knowledge about how poor vision can impact a child’s academic performance.

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We Are Celebrating Our First Event For Kids!

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Vizavance is the sole non-profit organization in Oklahoma whose primary aim is to help improve children’s’ education through better vision. Our organization offers free children’s eye exams in Oklahoma. It helps in the early identification of different types of vision problems. If these problems go unnoticed or are neglected, they can affect academic performance.

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