How Technology Impacts Learning & Your Kids’ Eyes

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The present generation of children is stuck to technology like a pair of inseparable twins. They spend a large portion of the day staring at LED screens either for learning or entertainment. They forget the world around them when they are using computers, smartphones, tablets, or a variety of other digital devices.

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What To Expect In Your Kids FREE Eye Test

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When you are getting your children’s vision tested, the screener will conduct a comprehensive physical and get a detailed history. This examination includes a thorough eye exam. We at Vizavance offer free vision screenings for children in the six months to high school senior ages. As a parent, you want to know what is included in the child’s free eye test.

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Summer Is The Perfect Time To Test Your Kids Vision For FREE

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Ignoring vision problems in young children can impact their ability to learn. This makes it necessary to get a vision exam for children done before they enter school. Many parents are unaware that vision problems are prevalent among children and do not get their children’s eyes tested. Only 15% of children undergo a thorough vision test, while 25% suffer from severe vision problems.

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What’s the Right Age to Get your Child’s Eyes Tested?

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Many parents wait until they see symptoms of vision problems in their children before they approach optometrists for a vision check up. Unfortunately, this can cause problems because it is difficult to spot symptoms in young children. Vision screening should be a part of your child’s regular healthcare.

At Vizavance, we provide comprehensive free vision screenings Oklahoma. You can get your child’s eyes tested by qualified experts without spending a lot of money.

What’s the Right Age to Get Your Child’s Eyes Tested?

Most parents wait until their child starts reading and there are clear signs of vision issues before they get the testing done. Here’s a detailed guideline on when to get the examinations done:

  • Six Months – You should get your child’s first thorough vision exam done when they’re around six months in age. We can check and accurately identify issues even in children this young.

  • Three Years – If the first test reveals no issues, you can wait until the child is three years old and about to start preschool before arranging for another thorough vision screening for preschoolers Oklahoma.

  • Five to Six Years – If there are no problems detected during the child’s preschool years, you can wait until they’re five to six years old before getting another exam done. Schedule this one just as they’re about to start their first grade. This can ensure they don’t have any vision-related learning difficulties.

If your child shows no signs of vision problems and doesn’t need corrective glasses or lenses, you can get a test done every two years. Regular testing helps ensure they get treatment on time, if required.

If your child experiences any vision problem, it is a good idea to get them to an ophthalmologist immediately. Don’t delay testing because early diagnosis and timely treatment can help prevent further deterioration. Children who use glasses or lenses require eye testing every year. This allows you to keep track of their eye health and treatments.

When Should You Bring Your Child In For Testing?

The testing will go smoothly if your child is relaxed and attentive. Make sure your child is active and responsive before you bring them in for testing because this ensures they’ll respond to the optometrist as well.

You should also be on the lookout for symptoms of vision problems. If your child has issues like frequent eye rubbing, delayed motor development, excessive blinking, poor eye tracking, inability to maintain eye contact, and other such issues, you need to schedule a test. Poor vision can affect their ability to learn and focus. It can also influence their overall development and cause health issues down the line.

If you want to know more or want to get vision screening tests for kids OKC, don’t hesitate to contact us at Vizavance. You can reach us at the Tulsa office by calling 918 496 3484 or at the OKC office by calling 405 848 7123.