Vizavance Employee Safety

By July 10, 2020Blog Post
Vizavance puts safety first

We Take All Precautions With Our Employees To Be Prepared To Serve You In The Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on almost everyone. It has forced people to stay at home and practice self-isolation for months. It has created an unemployment crisis that has affected millions of people. Despite this, life must go on, and parents must do their best to keep their children safe.

At Vizavance, we are always concerned about children’s eye health and encourage parents not to ignore it, even during a pandemic. We will continue offering free children’s vision test in Oklahoma to keep track of their development. Our employees have received relevant training and are observing stringent safety standards to keep everyone safe.

Keeping Track of Employee Health

COVID-19 is highly infectious, and it requires only one contact with a carrier to cause illness. That’s why it is essential to keep track of employee health and make note if they display any signs of the disease. Tracking employee health involves multiple temperature checks every day, keeping an eye out for symptoms like dry cough, rashes, gastrointestinal issues, and other problems. Employees are encouraged to self-report if they notice any symptoms. As our people care about children’s health and welfare, they won’t hesitate to self-isolate if they develop symptoms.

Hygiene Standards

Employees are trained to follow strict hygiene standards during Oklahoma children’s eye test. They wear masks, gloves, and sanitize their hands between checks. Our employees maintain a six feet distance wherever possible to limit contact between testers and kids.

Open Communication

We maintain open communication with parents and associates to ensure the entire network is up-to-date on all critical matters. For example, if a team member has the virus or shows flu-like symptoms, we will inform everyone immediately and defer appointments. Taking these precautions can help limit the transfer and make parents aware of the risk. They can then decide whether they want to postpone the eye test for kids for a couple of months.

While the pandemic is alarming and people need to do their part in keeping it contained, parents can’t afford to ignore their child’s eye health. With the proper precautions, it is possible to safely carry out this exam and keep track of your child’s eyesight. Ignoring this may lead to delayed treatments, and that may have long-term consequences.

If you want information on our safety measures, contact Vizavance or give us a call. You can book an appointment for free eye exams in Oklahoma at the earliest convenience.