In 1986, Vizavance, formerly Prevent Blindness Oklahoma, approached the Oklahoma Masons seeking a small amount of funding to expand its Children’s Vision Screening Program. Vizavance already had been conducting children’s vision screenings for over 20 years. However, services were limited to the Oklahoma City area due to the lack of funding. It had always been Vizavance’s goal to provide services to children throughout the state, but that would take money and volunteers.

As conversations continued among Vizavance, the Grand Lodge, and the Masonic Charity Foundation, a natural partnership developed wherein Vizavance, would provide the screening expertise. The Grand Lodge would provide volunteers in communities throughout the state, and the Masonic Charity Foundation would provide funding.

A Joint Agreement was entered into on April 4th, 1986. It was signed by Rickard P. Kerrick, Chairman of the Vizavance, formerly Prevent Blindness Oklahoma Board, Wilson B. (Slim) Haney President of the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma, attested by Orin A. Shipp, Secretary of the Masonic Charity Foundation, and Joe R, Manning, Jr., Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma, attested by John E. Shaver, Grand Secretary, and The Partners in Prevention Program was born.

Today, over 30 years later, the Masons are still partnering with Vizavance to provide vision screenings for children throughout the state. The Partners in Prevention is the oldest partnership of the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma, and over the years the vision of thousands of Oklahoma children has been saved.

Currently, 191 Lodges assist with screenings in their communities. The Oklahoma Masonic Charity Foundation has contributed over 4 million dollars to fund the Partners in Prevention Program since its inception, and over 5 million children have been screened for vision problems. Three organizations are working together with One Goal, One Vision, and One Mission, Advancing Children’s Education Through Better Vision!

The thrift store gives the public an opportunity to contribute to our cause with a gift other than cash. In the past four years in Oklahoma City and two in Tulsa, the stores have contributed $99,931.24 to Vizavance. Since we receive no state, federal or United Way funds, the revenue from the thrift stores is a vital part of our fund raising to support our programs and goes right back to our citizens, in services to their communities.

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Oklahoma City Rotary Club 29 gave Vizavance a $50,000 dollar grant to purchase five SPOT cameras that are capable of taking a picture of children’s eyes and in that picture, scan for any abnormalities that could potentially cause vision problems.

Keen Trust presented Vizavance with a $300,000 check in support of our mission!


  • Courtney Bratton, OD
    Ada Vision Inc.
  • Jeff Elliott, O.D.
    Elliott Vision Care
  • Michael W. Geiger, OD, P.C.
  • Ryan Parker, OD Dr. Gregory A. Fielding, P.C.
    RLP Eyecare, PC Parker Family Vision Center
  • Phillip E. Foust, O.D.
  • William E. Lee, OD, Inc.
  • Louis L. King, O.D.
  • Patrina Sattiewhite-Walter, OD, PC
  • Scott M. Carlson, O.D., P.C.
    Advantage Eye Care
  • Debbie S. Coy, O.D.P.C
    Fort Gibson
  • P.C. Clarence E. York, Cynthia Fleitman, O.D.
    York Eye Associates
    Gainsville, TX
  • Larry T. Lantz, OD
  • Dean Nolan, OD
  • Mike Boeckman, OD, P.C.
  • Dr. Carolyn S. Edwards, O.D.
    Oklahoma Eyewear
  • Todd A. Kenmore, O.D.
    Kenmore Eyecare Center
  • Karla Rice, O.D.
    EyeCare of Muskogee
  • Marcia Warren, O.D.
    Warren Eye Care Center
  • Chris Boaldin, O.D.
    Boaldin Eye Care
    Oklahoma City
  • James M. Richard, MD
    Children’s Eye, P.L.L.C
    Oklahoma City
  • Tammy Yanovitch, MD
    Dean McGee Institute
    Oklahoma City
  • Kathy J. McKenzie, O.D.
    Oklahoma City
  • Kenneth E. Plank, O.D. PLLC
    Visual Eyes
    Oklahoma City
  • Stacey L. Wilda, O.D., P.C.
  • Brett Howell, O.D.
    Howell Family Eye Care
  • Wyman and Wyatt Dobbs, O.D.
    Wyman Dobbs Optometry, PLLC
  • Hubertina J.(Margo) Hagen,OD,
    Eye to Eye Family Vision Care
  • Trevor Conklin, O.D.
    Shawnee Vision Source
  • Phillip Gelwick, O.D.
    P.A. Gelwick, Inc.
  • Steven Cartmill, O.D.
  • Shelly D. Rice, O.D.
    Rice Family Eye Care
  • Jacoby Dewald, O.D.
    Great Plains Vision Center, PLLC


  • Join the 20/20 EyeGive Program

  • Volunteer at your local school

  • Utilize corporate matching gifts

  • Participate in event sponsorships

  • Donate to Bargain Thrift Store

  • Provide letters of support for grant applications

  • Engage in planned giving

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