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Eye Issues

Common Eye Issues in Children

By Eye Issues

Children can experience a number of eye problems at a young age. Some of these are temporary and easy to cure while others require more specialized care. Experts recommend screening children for potential eye problems by age one as undiagnosed vision problems can hinder their cognitive development. That’s one of the reasons why we at Vizavance provide kids free eye exams in Oklahoma. If serious vision problems are caught early, they can be treated effectively. Here’s a look at the most common eye issues kids can have:
1. Strabismus
This problem may also be referred to as squint, lazy eye, crossed eyes, or turned eyes but they all imply the same thing; eyes turned in different directions. One eye may be straight while the other is pointed up, down, left or right. There are different versions of this; in some cases the eyes have a permanent squint while in others the squint comes and goes. This doesn’t always develop at birth and may gradually emerge as a child grows older. If caught early, an expert will recommend glasses or exercises as a treatment; however, patches or surgeries are also treatment options.
2. Amblyopia
This is also called lazy eye though it is one of the symptoms of strabismus. Amblyopia occurs when one eye becomes lazy and doesn’t receive a clear picture from it. This can be because of strabismus, cataract, refractive error, orptosis. The problem can be treated with corrective glasses or patching if caught early enough, which is why we recommend getting kids free eye exams in Oklahoma.
3. Chalazion
This is a swelling caused by a blockage in the glands of an eyelid. The swelling can differ in size, happen in one eye or both eyes at a time, develop redness, or emit yellowy secretion. It’s important to get treatment immediately as this can affect a child’s vision. In most cases, chalazion is resolved in a few weeks. Butt if this problem persists for around 3-4 months, you might need to contact a specialist.
4. Epiphora
This problem is caused by a blocked tear duct, which leads to excessive tearing. When the duct is blocked, the excessive liquid doesn’t drain from it to a child’s nose. The problem is easy to resolve with careful and regular tear duct massaging. It usually goes away when a child is between 6-12 months. However, if this condition persists for more than 6-12 months, you might need to visit a specialist for treatment.
5. Myopia
Myopia or nearsightedness can occur in children. They can see objects close to them more clearly than objects at a distance. Excessive myopia can lead to lazy eye in children, which is why it’s important to seek treatment early. Solutions usually involve glasses of some kind, which is why you must get your children’s vision tested regularly.
If you want more information on common eye issues in children, give us a call. You can book an appointment for free eye exams in Oklahoma at the earliest convenience.