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IRIS Cloud Based System

Our Cloud-Based System Helped Weather The Pandemic

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A global pandemic is a risky, complicated situation that can impact people from all walks of life. Whether you are a small business owner or a school teacher, this pandemic has influenced your life and livelihood. Fortunately, technology has made the situation a little more bearable. It has allowed people to communicate, work from home, learn new things, and find suitable entertainment. At Vizavance, we have used technology to ensure a child’s eye health isn’t lost in all of the chaos.

Using Technology to Power Eye Health

Vizavance provides free children’s eye exam to thousands of children in Oklahoma. We help parents keep track of their child’s eye health, identify vision issues, and make sure the kids get treatment early enough to mitigate severe problems. Maintaining sound eye health and getting prompt treatment has a positive impact on their child’s development.

As we deal with thousands of children, we recently moved to a cloud-based system to keep track of all kids. This system stores patient information, eye concerns, prescriptions, records of follow-up appointments, and so much more. It has allowed us to maintain a strong connection with the community in Oklahoma, even during these trying times.

Our Cloud-Based System is called IRIS

Our cloud-based system IRIS has detailed records of more than 100,000 children. The database records their current eye health, pressing concerns, future prognosis, appointments, and other such information. During a children’s eye exam, a screener can easily access individual records to familiarize themselves with the child’s current state.

Our system has helped screeners identify more than 12,000 underlying complications since it was launched. During the pandemic, we use this system to keep parents informed and ensure they pay attention to pending appointments or prescriptions.

Eye Health While Practicing Social Distancing

Social distancing is the best way to control the spread of the virus as much as possible. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore other concerns like eye health. While many children don’t need immediate assistance, some need treatment as early as possible. Our cloud-based system keeps track of important data.

We provide free children’s vision test in Oklahoma and will resume regular testing immediately after the pandemic slows down. Our team will make sure parents, schools, and other concerned individuals are informed when a free testing session is scheduled so they can make an appointment immediately. Our system will prioritize children who need special attention.

We urge parents to get free children’s eye test regularly to keep track of their kid’s vision health. We will do our part by maintaining diligent records of all findings so screeners can spot issues without delay and start treatment promptly. Our exams are the first step in spotting a problem. You will need to schedule an appointment with a qualified optometrist for further treatment.

If you want information on common eye issues in children, contact Vizavance or give us a call. You can book an appointment for free eye exams in Oklahoma at the earliest convenience.

Mother and Child in Face Mask

How To Approach Getting Back To Normalcy?

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The pandemic has had a significant impact on society and everyday life. People have stayed indoors for months, millions have lost their jobs, billions have stopped visiting businesses like restaurants, movie theatres, and other such establishments. It is hard to imagine getting back to a state of relative normalcy after such a big event. At Vizavance, we believe that getting back to normalcy is possible, but it is still essential to be careful. We offer free children’s eye exams in Oklahoma and have come up with strategies to do so safely after the pandemic. Here are some tips we found helpful during the planning process:

  1. Continue Being Cautious

It is wise to remain cautious even after stepping out into the world. Maintain the habit of washing hands, limit physical contact as much as possible, practice social distancing, and wear masks. It is essential to teach your children to be careful as well. Make sure they always wash their hands, check-in with the school regularly, avoid public transport like buses if possible, and take other such necessary precautions.

  1. Focus on Family Health

The pandemic has led to people neglecting their health, which can have serious long-term consequences. Arrange for a full check-up after the pandemic restrictions are lifted so you can keep track of your body. Sign up for an eye exam for kids in Oklahoma to make sure your children have good vision. Set an appointment with a dentist for a clean-up and to fill any new cavities. Focusing on the family’s overall health will help you get ready for regular life.

  1. Always Self-Isolate

Falling ill can place hundreds of people at risk. Even a single person can cause several infections, which is why self-isolation is important. If you experience symptoms like cold, cough, headaches, fevers, and difficulty in breathing, self-isolate immediately. No one is safe until there’s a readily-accessible vaccine for coronavirus. The only way to avoid a second outbreak is to take all these precautions.

  1. Limit Visiting Crowded Spaces

Crowded spaces like malls and entertainment centers are risky, which is why you need to limit visiting them as much as possible. Avoid these places or visit when they are less crowded so you can practice social distancing. Most businesses will have some safety guidelines and instructions to follow. Observe all of these instructions without fail to keep yourself and the employees safe.

  1. Provide Safe Entertainment Options

Children have an active mind, and it is challenging to keep them entertained. Come up with alternate activities to avoid visiting crowded spaces. There are several games you can play at home or in the backyard. Parents in the neighborhood can also organize trips to local parks and open spaces, which aren’t as risky as enclosed places like movie theatres.

If you want information on common eye issues in children, contact Vizavance today.

Childrens Vision Screening OKC

Signs That Your Child Has An Eyesight Issue

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Eye health and good vision are crucial for the overall learning and development of your child. Their vision continues to develop until they are 8 or 9 years old. This also makes it necessary to get your child’s eyesight checked so you can catch issues early and get them treated on time.

The Ages at Which Children’s Eyes Need to Be Screened

Ideally, a child’s eyes need to be screened properly by their pediatrician for any problems at specific intervals:

  • At birth
  • At 6 months
  • 3-4
  • 5 years
  • Each subsequent year during their well-check visit

But a free children’s vision test in Oklahoma is different from a comprehensive eye exam. An ophthalmologist or optometrist usually conducts the latter. It’s a good idea to speak with your kid’s primary care doctor to discuss when they think your child needs to have the comprehensive eye exam done.

In addition to vision screenings and eye tests for kids, parents also need to be on the lookout for any warning signs that indicate vision issues that can develop in between the exams and screenings.

Signs of Vision Problems In Children

Physical symptoms

You would be able to see some problems just by looking at your kid’s eyes. Contact your doctor to determine how urgently you need to take her to an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye exam if she is displaying any of these symptoms:

  • Droopy eyelids
  • Bulging eyes
  • Eyes that shake/flutter
  • Cloudy pupils (in babies)
  • Misaligned eyes (one turned out/crossed)
  • Chronic redness, tearing, or swelling
  • Rubbing or squinting of eyes

Behavioral Changes

If your child is doing certain things differently than they used to, it could indicate they have vision problems. For example, if you find them sitting closer to the TV than they normally used to. She could easily catch a baseball without dropping it. He is having difficulty copying from a board, which he could do without any trouble earlier.

If your child is old enough, she may also be able to tell you if she is unable to see things clearly. These are the red flags you need to be on the lookout for and which indicate that your kid might need glasses. You can first get a free children’s vision test in Oklahoma done, and it will pick up vision problems. The professionals will refer for a more comprehensive eye exam if it is required.

Suspected Developmental Delays

In case you suspect that your child’s development isn’t as you expect it to be, you must speak with his pediatrician. They might recommend that you get an eye exam to rule out vision problems.

If you find that your kid is having difficulty learning letters/numbers, or recognizing her colors, discuss with her primary care doctor whether you need to get a comprehensive eye exam done.

Up to 25 percent of school-age children have some vision problems and may require glasses. For more information on free vision screening in Oklahoma call Vizavance. You can reach us at the Tulsa office by calling 918 496 3484 or at the OKC office by calling 405 848 7123.

Our First Kids Event Was A Huge Success

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Seemore and Friends Event

At Vizavance, we always explore opportunities to educate people in our community about vision and eye health. We look for fun, exciting ways to encourage children, make parents more aware, and spread knowledge about how poor vision can impact a child’s academic performance. With that goal in mind, we organized the Seemore and Friends for Sight event on the 29th of February this year. The event was a stellar success and helped us bring awareness to a large community.

What is Seemore and Friends for Sight?

Seemore and Friends is a fun, interactive event designed to raise awareness about vision problems that can occur during childhood. The event is also designed to raise funds for Vizavance and its cause. The funds can help finance more free children’s eye exam programs in Oklahoma.

What Happened During the Event?

Seemore and Friends for Sight was a fun event for people of all ages. We made sure that all members of the family, whether kids or adults, could have a blast. Here’s a look at what happened during the event:

  • Games – We organized many exciting and engaging contests that kept children of all ages occupied. Several sponsors stepped forward to finance game material and prices to ensure kids had a great time.
  • Food – No one wants to let kids go hungry, so we had a wide variety of delicious snack items during the event.
  • Raffles – There are few things as thrilling as winning a raffle. Children and their parents loved our raffle contests and had a great time.
  • Story Time – Seemore and Friends was a great hit during storytime. We used live-action characters to spread awareness and entertain children.
  • Face Painting – Our professional face painter from LOL Cartoons was a huge success. During the event, our face painter worked on almost 70 arms and faces with unique and fun designs.

This event showed us just how many people are interested in our goal, to provide FREE children’s vision testing in Oklahoma.

Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors!

Sponsors make events like this possible and also promote our cause. Many of our sponsors believe that eye tests for kids should be free and accessible. They are passionate in their support and don’t hesitate to contribute in every way they can. Some of our sponsors for this event included:

  • Korber Eyecare and Surgery Center
  • EBP of Cross Pointe Insurance Advisors
  • Lily Pad
  • The Advisors – Raymond James
  • Piedmont Nazarene
  • Regent Bank
  • LOL Cartoons
  • Be There Marketing
  • Eyecare Boulevard
  • Full Circle
  • Oklahoma City Dodgers
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • Top Golf
  • Metro Family
  • Delta Dental

Many local businesses and professionals support our cause. We are always interested in more contributions, which is why we will hold the Seemore and Friends event again.

If you want to know more or want to get vision screening for Oklahoma children, don’t hesitate to contact us at Vizavance.

You can reach us at the Tulsa office by calling 918 496 3484 or at the OKC office by calling 405 848 7123.

We Are Celebrating Our First Event For Kids!

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Vizavance is the sole non-profit organization in Oklahoma whose primary aim is to help improve children’s’ education through better vision. Our organization offers free children’s eye exams in Oklahoma. It helps in the early identification of different types of vision problems. If these problems go unnoticed or are neglected, they can affect academic performance.

We provide free children’s eye test facilities, free of cost at schools, head start centers, and more. Our experts use charts and/or special cameras to check for vision problems or underlying issues. If we notice any problems, it will be mentioned in the report we provide. This allows parents to seek professional treatment from a qualified ophthalmologist.

We firmly believe that all children should have vision screenings annually. These can have a considerable impact on their overall development. Untreated vision problems can affect a child’s ability to learn. Our vision screening for Oklahoma children programs are entirely free. As a non-profit, we need to have funds to do the good work we are committed to. It’s why we conduct various fundraising events throughout the year.

About the Seemore and Friends Event

The Seemore and Friends event is the first one our organization is conducting this year for children. It is scheduled for Feb 29, 2020, between 2-5 pm at 50 Penn Place on Retail Level 1. So bring your kids to this fantastic event. There are exciting games to keep the little ones entertained.

Live-action characters will up the excitement during storytime. But that isn’t all- there are raffles and food too, and the tickets are available at $5.00 only. You can book your tickets HERE. All proceeds from the event go towards our free children’s eye exam programs. So while your kids have fun at the Seemore and Friends Event, you will also be doing your bit for a worthy cause.

What Our Vision Screening Process Involves

Our eye exams for kids are not a replacement for comprehensive vision testing that a qualified ophthalmologist will do. However, they are an excellent early detection system. It helps spot vision issues that may not be noticed at all. Some of the tests we conduct include:

Distance Visual Acuity
Random Dot E Stereopsis Test
SPOT Vision Screener Camera

Also, we conduct near vision tests and color vision tests. We use the latest technology in our work, and our expert team is trained to detect underlying vision problems in kids. They will provide a preliminary eye test for kids’ report once the screening is complete.
Vizavance also has many different charitable programs that benefit financially disadvantaged parents.

We work with Head Start Centers, daycare centers, as well as private and public schools throughout the 77 counties of Oklahoma. We also offer benefit vouchers via our Vision Service Plan, which includes free exams as well as glasses for qualifying families. You can reach us at the Tulsa office by calling 918 496 3484 or at the OKC office by calling 405 848 7123.

Childrens Eye Exam

Commit to a Childs Eye Health in 2020

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The holidays are here, and it is time for family reunions, great meals, many gifts, and some charity. At Vizavance, we hope everyone has a good time this holiday season and a fantastic start to the New Year! In these busy times, it is easy for people to lose track of family as they focus on work or personal responsibilities. The holidays allow everyone to reconnect, helping people strengthen their family bonds.

Vizavance continues to be committed to promoting eye health and hopes to reach more children in 2020 with our free children’s vision test in Oklahoma. We will continue to spread awareness and help parents get good eye health care for their kids.

An Opportunity to Discuss Eye Health

It’s common for families to discuss a wide range of topics during Christmas or Hanukkah get-togethers. You have the perfect opportunity to discuss children’s eye health, especially with young parents who have a toddler or pre-school kid at home. Here are some essential facts to consider:

  • Children should get their first eye exam when they are six months old.
  • They should have another children’s eye exam when they are three years old.
  • If no issues are detected, you get can another eye exam when they’re 5-6 years old.
  • Children with no vision problems should get a comprehensive eye check-up every two years after they start school.
  • If your child wears glasses or contact lenses, you should get eye exams for kids annually after they start school.
  • If one of your family members expresses concern about their child’s ability to focus in school or their performance, recommend a children’s eye exam to them. Sometimes children with vision problems struggle to maintain excellent performance. Kids who can’t read print or see the chalkboard correctly face a lot of difficulty during their school years.

Gift for 2020 – Help with Vision

Proper attention to eye health is the greatest gift you can give to your children in 2020. You can opt for a regular eye exam for kids in Oklahoma through their school or book a separate appointment with us. Here are some signs that indicate your child may need an eye test.

  • They don’t perform well in sports and have poor hand-eye coordination.
  • They struggle to read words on a page even though they should know how to read reasonably well.
  • They have constant headaches because it is harder to see.
  • You get frequent complaints about blurry vision.
  • Your kids tend to sit a little too close to the TV.
  • School performance drops without any apparent reason like bullying, mental health issues, etc.
  • A child continually squints to see things more clearly.

If you notice any of these signs, get a free children’s eye exam today. It can help you detect problems early and provide timely and appropriate treatment.

Vizavance has tested over 5 million children in Oklahoma and helped them with their vision problems. All vision screening for Oklahoma children is done free of cost. If we notice any issues, our experts will refer you to a qualified professional for further treatment.

Make a commitment towards your child’s eye health in 2020 and get a free children’s eye test today!