EYE-mazing, We Have Screened 250,000 Children

By September 21, 2020Blog Post
Vizavance WOW

At Vizavance, we are committed to children’s eye health. Our focus has always been on encouraging parents to ensure that their children’s vision should be monitored so that issues can be fixed on time. Right through the pandemic, we have continued providing free children’s vision tests in Oklahoma.

Our mission is to ensure that children’s vision problems are detected early to be treated on time. During the 2019-2020 school year, we have so far screened 250,000 children. Even now, many parents want to get eye test for kids done. However, they are concerned about the safety aspect during the pandemic; it deters them from taking timely action.  

We at Vizavance recognize this concern and hesitation that many parents have. It is why we have made several changes to ensure that we can continue with providing free children’s vision test Oklahoma safely to children throughout the state. All our employees have undergone relevant training and continue to observe very stringent safety standards to ensure that the children and themselves are safe.

We Keep Track of Employee Health

The novel coronavirus is highly infectious. All it takes is a single carrier to spread the disease to people they come in contact with. We recognize the severity of the situation. It’s why we are focused on tracking employee health. We make sure that our employees undergo regular testing, and we keep an eye out for various symptoms of this disease in them, such as dry cough, fever, rashes, etc.

We also encourage all our employees to report to us if they notice any of these symptoms. We keep the health of the children whose vision we test uppermost in our minds. Our objective is to ensure that we can continue providing vision screening for Oklahoma children, without compromising the safety and health in any way. Its how we have been able to conduct vision tests for so many more children even during these trying times.

Precautions We Take 

We follow the strictest hygiene standards while carrying out an eye test for kids. Our employees wear gloves, masks, and sanitize their hands after conducting each vision test. We also regularly sanitize every surface at the testing centers, which significantly reduces the probability of the virus being transferred. We limit the contact between the kids and the testers, and our employees maintain a distance of six feet from them whenever possible.

Looking Forward

The pandemic has created a unique and unprecedented situation for everyone, and many people have had to put essential activities on hold. However, it is never a good idea to put your children’s eye health on the back burner; and there is no need to either. Since we always follow proper precautions, you can be sure that the eye exam for kids Oklahoma that we conduct will not expose your child to infections.

If you want information on our safety measures, contact Vizavance. You can book an appointment for free eye exams in Oklahoma at your earliest convenience.