There are many reasons to choose Vizavance, formerly known as Prevent Blindness Oklahoma, for vision screenings in your school. Here are just a few:

State law requires K, 1st and 3rd grade be chart screened by a certified screener.

Our results could change a child’s life forever.

We can provide immediate feedback to teachers and nurses on vision problems.

We keep back up files to assist the schools and nurses from year-to-year.

Reliable, efficient and focused on our mission.

We are a state-wide organization with a standard curriculum so everyone is tested the same way.

All of our screeners and staff are state certified.

We catch eye problems that could lead to learning disabilities.

We are passionate people that care about what we do and love our jobs – helping the children of Oklahoma!

We are a non profit and do not receive any state, federal or United Way funding.

We follow state vision screening laws and guidelines.

Using uncertified providers could make you out of compliance if audited.