Fundraising in the digital age

By November 20, 2020December 16th, 2020Blog Post
Digital Fundraising

Technology has touched every facet of our lives and fundraising has been impacted by this. The way me make payments has changed so very few of us carry cash these days. The carrying of collection boxes and encouraging loved ones to give loose change for charity is becoming a distant memory. The rise of digital fundraising is bringing in new and exciting ways to raise money. The pace at which this change is coming to life is fast and embracing technology for social causes like free children’s eye exam or vision screening for Oklahoma children is the right way forward.

The technological influence began in the 1990s when the World Wide Web came to life.  The way we communicate and operate has been constantly changing ever since. Today is the age of Uber and Spotify. How businesses engage with customers has completely altered with the new technologies. However, the world of charity was initially a little slow to recognise and adopt this new way forward.  What is now exciting is that many charities working in the space of free children’s eye test have embraced the digital age with open arms. Here are some of the fundraising technologies you can use in your next campaign on children’s eye test Oklahoma and make it a grand success.

Personalized approach:

A global study found 44% of people are more willing to donate at least 10% more to a cause when they see a personalized experience. When it comes to millennials the percentage shoots up to 62%. Hence, while designing a fundraising campaign it is very important to keep all the stakeholders like donors, advocates, or customers, in mind. The campaign must not be designed from only the organization’s perspective.

Paying with a voice command to smart speakers:

The number of smart device owners is constantly on the rise and a huge chunk own smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Think from your customer’s point of view. If they wish to donate for eye exams for kids or eye test for kids they can just say ‘Alexa, help me to make a donation’. Some big names like Breast Cancer Care are already leveraging this technology.

Leverage mobile platforms:

Mobile usage for a search has increased tremendously and has surpassed the use of desktop. Hence, it is best to tap the mobile platform for fundraising campaigns. This brings the option to donate by one’s fingertips and makes it convenient to donate for any good cause.

Think Digital:

There are many ways to create a strategy for digital fundraising, one very lucrative one is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a great way for donors to donate and support a cause that they believe in without huge contributions or a long-term commitment. With crowdfunding platforms, you can create a community around the cause you are supporting and create a personalized campaign around the same. Tie this up with social media promotion to reach the maximum number of people and generate awareness. If you believe in our cause of offering free children’s eye tests, please visit our website