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4 Signs Your Child May Need to Visit the Eye Doctor

By April 23, 2024Blog Post
child reading a book

Below are 4 signs your child may be struggling with their vision. 

Here at Vizavance we can protect your child’s eyes with early detection to give them a great start into life and their education. 

If you notice any of the below please do get in touch today:

Squinting or Frequent Eye Rubbing: If you notice your child squinting or rubbing their eyes frequently, it could indicate that they’re experiencing discomfort or difficulty seeing clearly. Squinting is a natural response to try to improve focus or clarity, and constant rubbing may suggest eye fatigue or irritation.

Complaints of Headaches or Eye Strain: Children who have difficulty seeing properly may experience frequent headaches or eye strain, especially after activities like reading or using digital screens. These symptoms can be indicative of refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

Sitting Close to the TV or Holding Books Too Close: Children who consistently sit very close to the television or hold books unusually close to their face may be compensating for poor vision. This behavior can be a sign that they’re having difficulty seeing objects at a distance, which may indicate nearsightedness.

Difficulty in School: If your child is having trouble focusing in school, frequently loses their place while reading, or struggles with comprehension, it could be related to vision problems. Poor vision can hinder a child’s ability to learn and perform well academically, so it’s essential to consider an eye exam if academic performance is suffering.

Regular eye check-ups are crucial for children, even if they’re not displaying obvious signs of vision problems. Many vision issues can be corrected or managed effectively if detected early, so it’s important not to delay seeking evaluation if you have concerns about your child’s vision.

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