The Importance Of Early Detection Of Eye Diseases

By January 17, 2022Blog Post
Protect Kids Eyes

Our eyes hold one of the most important and widely used senses of our bodies – our sight. Without our sense of sight, we would struggle to do most everyday activities and life just wouldn’t be the same. Without proper eye care and regular vision tests, eye problems and diseases can go undetected, raising chances of deteriorating eyesight over time. For those who want their children to have the best start in life, regular eye tests for kids are the best way to keep your children’s eyes healthy, as they can help to detect eye diseases earlier than usual.

While most people who don’t notice any issues with their eyes may think that they do not need an eye test, this is simply not the case. Whether you or your children notice any changes or differences with your eyesight or not, you should always get your eyesight checked. Certain eye diseases can go months and even years without showing any specific symptoms, and so only an eye test could detect these sight-affecting conditions. The longer that eye diseases are left to linger, the more damage that can be done; this is why early detection is so important and why regular eye tests are recommended for both adults and more importantly to children. In fact, some eye care professionals offer free children’s eye tests to make sure that as many children as possible get quality eye care.

It’s important that everyone attends their eye tests, especially children, as most eye conditions can be detected, monitored, and even slowed or stopped altogether. Eye diseases have the least effect on your eyesight when they are detected early, as there are medications that can slow down the damage done to your sight. Although some diseases cannot be stopped or erased permanently, it’s still recommended and noted that the earlier that the disease is treated, the better your chances are of having healthy eyesight for most of your life. Many life-long, permanent eye diseases can’t be avoided, and so that’s why we look to regular eye exams to give individuals the best chances at reducing the damage to their eyesight thanks to early detection!

Most eye conditions are easily detected during regular eye exams, with some of the most common eye diseases being glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. There are a few conditions that regular testing won’t detect, however, most of these diseases are extremely rare and have symptoms that are easily noticeable. The good news is that all of the diseases that are checked for during a routine eye test have treatments or surgeries to combat the conditions.

For children who have a history of eye conditions within their family or might be more at risk than others, they should continue to attend eye tests for kids each year. This is the best and only way to make sure your children’s eyes and eyesight are good and healthy for years to come.