Give The Gift Of Clear Sight To Your Child This Christmas

By December 14, 2021Blog Post
Kids Eyes

It’s that time of year. The time when the holiday spirit is in the air, and everyone is gearing up for Christmas Eve celebrations with friends and family. But this year, give your child something they’ll cherish even more than their stocking full of toys – give them clear vision! Christmas is a time for giving, and there’s no gift more precious than clear sight. Eye health is essential for success in school and beyond, so make sure your child has the best chance at success by ensuring they have good vision. There are many ways to improve your child’s eye health, from getting them a yearly free children’s eye exam to making sure their glasses are up to spec. This Christmas, make sure your child has the best chance at success by giving them the gift of clear sight.

Is Your Child’s Eyesight In Good Shape?
Going into Christmas is an exciting time for children; with all the decorations, bright lights, and Christmas spirit, it’s an event you want to fully experience. But will your child be able to experience the full magic of Christmas this year, or will their eyesight let them down? Poor eyesight can ruin lots of things, so don’t let Christmas be one of them. Before the holidays hit, take your child for a free children’s eye exam to make sure their eyesight is in tip-top condition or to get a new pair of glasses to enjoy over the Christmas season.

If your child’s eye care specialist notices any issues during the free children’s eye exam, he or she will raise it with you immediately, so you can both work towards a quick solution in time for Christmas! It’s quite common for some children to need glasses, whether they’re permanent or just for reading, so it might just be a case of buying your child a pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses so their eyesight can improve in time for the Christmas festivities.

Keeping Your Child’s Eyesight In Check During Christmas
Once your child has been given the all-clear from their eye care specialist or has been given glasses/contacts, the aftercare begins! For those who have been given contacts or glasses, parents need to make sure their child is wearing them as described by the eye care professional – incorrect use of glasses or contact lenses could end up harming your child’s eyesight.

For those who get the all-clear from their eye care specialist, making sure that no festive accidents or potential eye hazards can harm your child is essential. Things like bright Christmas lights, shattered baubles, and sharp tree branches are all potential hazards that could easily lead to an eye injury for children that don’t pay attention. To avoid any accidents, make sure your child knows to be careful around hazardous objects and if possible, remove these objects out of your child’s reach. Things like running around in tight spaces or throwing glass baubles or ornaments are typical child behaviors that can result in eye injury over Christmas.