Eye tests For Kids – What This Really Means?

By March 16, 2021Blog Post
Free Kids Eye Test OK

Given that vision screening for Oklahomas children is a requirement by law, all elementary school children are entitled to a free children’s vision test. This requirement for kids in Oklahoma has been in effect since 2007 and is aimed at enhancing children’s education through better vision. This early diagnostic eye exam for Oklahoma kids prevents the child from suffering any learning hindrance that can be a serious problem. Not to mention, the trauma of such a hindrance.

The free children’s vision test in OKC has the full involvement of the State Department of Health, who through the advisory committee forward their recommendations to the official Board for vision health and screening benchmarks.

School Life Without Hindrances To Vision
In the event a child fails the children’s eye test in Oklahoma, they will need to go through a comprehensive eye test for kids conducted by a certified optometrist or a qualified ophthalmologist. The results of this diagnosis have to be shared with the parents, respective pediatrician, and school authorities. The very concept of the free children’s eye exam is to make an early diagnosis and to initiate any treatment or corrective measures immediately to encourage and enhance children’s education.

A Complete Assessment To Rule Out Poor Vision
The children’s eye exam begins for children aged six months and above till they are high school seniors. The eye exams for kids entail a complete physical preceding the free children’s eye test. The scope of tests for the free children’s eye exam in Oklahoma includes charts and some instruments for the assessment. 

Once all relevant tests are done, the assessor’s findings are sent to a specialist for recommendations or a specific course of corrective treatment. This includes potentially having to wear spectacles on the recommendation of the specialist or in extreme cases, even surgical corrections.