Activities For Your Kids That Don’t Involve A Screen

By February 19, 2021Blog Post
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Being stuck indoors due to the pandemic has brought about drastic changes in our lifestyle, especially for kids. Before COVID-19 struck the world, children were allowed to go outside and play. They socialized with other kids playing various outdoor activities which usually involved fun and games. This did not just help them attain physically healthy bodies but allowed them to enhance their social, mental, and emotional skills. 

Today, we could see videos of children glued to the television or playing games on their phones and gadgets, almost every day if not daily. This could lead to poor habits like not eating on time, little to no physical activity, and most importantly, eye strain. 

The Benefits Of a Regular Eye Exam For Children

The amount of blue light that gadgets like computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones emit may cause damage to the eyes, especially for children. Getting a timely eye test for kids helps reduce the severity of these conditions. Long exposures to screens will cause eye strain and will make your eyes vulnerable to different conditions. It could also result in lower self-control, lack of focus, emotional instability, and this could eventually lead to sleep deprivation. Getting a children’s eye exam in Oklahoma educates parents on how to keep their children’s eyes healthy.

We should moderate our children’s screen time. It might be hard for them to transition from virtual games to board games or outdoor games. However, with sufficient guidance and support coming from adults, they would surely learn to enjoy life with minimal exposure to a screen or the virtual world. 

One of the most effective activities you need to encourage your kids to do would be playing board games. Many people think that this kind of game might be old-school and boring for children but nowadays, there are more exciting and enjoyable board games suited for the new generation. 

You can also teach them the basics of adulthood, like cooking their favorite dish, baking, basic construction skills, and even changing tires. You should also ask them about their hobbies and guide them in the right direction.

You can also encourage them to keep low maintenance pets like fishes, hamsters, and guinea pigs. This will teach them to be responsible, compassionate, and will divert their attention from spending their days in front of the screen. These things could not only encourage them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, but it would bring your family even closer together! Imagine the benefits that a free children’s eye exam can provide.

While all cannot freely roam outside due to the threat of the virus, we can prioritize family and quality time with our children.