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Vision Screening in Oklahoma Schools

By October 16, 2017December 13th, 2018Blog Post
Vision screenings are important for the overall development and health of children. Your school should be providing vision screenings to students. Vizavance is a nonprofit in Oklahoma that offers vision screenings to all 77 counties.
Why Are Vision Screenings Important?
A child’s vision contributes to their success at school, their physical development, their social development, and overall health. As children grow from infants and toddlers into young children, equal input from both eyes is needed for the brain’s vision centers to develop normally. Early vision screenings are available to child care centers and early head start programs to catch issues early on.
When undetected, vision problems could cause children to be unsuccessful in school. If they are struggling to see the board, their assignments, or other activities in the classroom, they will not do well. Failure in these areas can be discouraging and can cause students to act out or not participate in the work at all.
When Should Children Be Screened?
Children should have their eyes screened as infants for general health and normalcy of the eye. At this young age, children cannot vocalize whether they are seeing clearly. This is why school vision screenings are so important – vision problems go undetected until school work starts to suffer.
As soon as a problem is detected, schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor. Vizavance provides Vision Service Plan benefits to families who qualify, offering a free eye exam and glasses.
How to Schedule Your Vision Screening
Vizavance is working with schools in all 77 counties of Oklahoma. Check our schedule to see if we are coming to your child’s school. A school administrator can reach out to our company to have our vision screening professionals come to your child’s school.
If you think vision screenings from Vizavance would benefit your school, give us a call at 405-848-7123 or reach out to us at We are happy to answer any questions about our services and schedule your child’s vision screening.