Early Vision Screening Can Change Your Child’s Learning Capabilities

By September 20, 2017December 13th, 2018Blog Post

Your child’s vision and their learning development are closely intertwined. It is said that 80% of education materials are presented to children visually. Detecting problems early can make a big impact in your child’s life.
Schedule a Vision Screening
There are quite a few vision problems that could be giving your child difficulty. The most common conditions a vision screening can show are nearsightedness, farsightedness, ambloyia, strabismus, and astigmatism. These disorders can affect the way your child reads the board at school, has success in completing their homework, or excels in sports.
Vizavance is working with schools in all 77 counties of Oklahoma to offer vision screenings to students. We are working with child care facilities, early head start programs, and public or private schools. Offering these screenings gives you an opportunity to discover a vision issue that may have gone unnoticed.
After a vision screening, your child may be recommended to visit the eye doctor for a comprehensive exam. This will be able to further determine the problem and could possibly result in eyeglasses for your child, allowing them to succeed at school.
Noticing Symptoms
Vision screenings are a great way to determine if your child is having any vision problems. Here are other common symptoms you can watch out for before a vision screening takes place:
SquintingComplaints of headachesWorsening performance at schoolEyes turning inward or outwardLosing their place while readingRubbing eyesSitting close to the TVHolding books or tablets close to their faceUsing a finger to keep their place while reading
Help Your Child Succeed
If you notice any of these symptoms, or your child’s vision screening shows they are having trouble seeing, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Getting vision correction can make a big difference in your child’s life. After receiving vision correction, you should notice an increase in their confidence and a positive change in their school work.
Vizavance offers Vision Service Plan benefit vouchers to qualifying families. Your child’s vision and success is important to us. These vouchers offer a free eye exam and glasses to families who may not have been able to afford it, giving their child a better chance at their education.