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How Does Hydration Affect Our Eyes?

By July 22, 2022Blog Post
Eye Hydration

Parenting can be difficult. There are so many things to think about, and one of the most important is making sure your child is healthy. One topic that often comes up is hydration – how much water do our kids need, and why? Conditions like dry eyes can be caused or exacerbated by dehydration, so it’s important for parents to understand how hydration affects your children’s eyes to avoid a trip to the eye specialist for a children’s eye exam!

Did you know that our eyes are mainly made of water? In fact, the average human eye is about 75% water. Because our eyes rely on hydration to function properly, it’s important that we take steps to ensure we’re well-hydrated. In this post, we’ll discuss how dehydration affects our eyes, and what parents can do to make sure their kids stay hydrated!

Does Dehydration Affect Our Eyes?
As parents, we are always looking out for our children and making sure they are staying hydrated. We know that dehydration can cause problems such as headaches and fatigue. But did you know that it can also affect your eyes?

When you are dehydrated, your body lacks the fluids it needs to function properly. This includes the lubricating fluids in your eyes. As a result, you may experience dry eye syndrome, which can lead to redness, blurry vision, and a burning sensation. In extreme cases, dehydration can even cause corneal ulcers.

When we are dehydrated, our bodies produce fewer tears, which can lead to the symptoms mentioned above. These effects are most likely to occur in children and seniors, as they are more susceptible to dehydration, and so if your child starts showing any symptoms, it’s important that you keep them hydrated and take them for a children’s eye exam check-up!

As such, it is important for parents to ensure that their children stay hydrated, especially during hot weather or when they are participating in strenuous activities!

Ways To Increase Your Hydration For Healthy Eyes
As any parent knows, children are constantly on the go. From playing outside to running around at the park, they often don’t stop to take a break – let alone drink some water. As a result, it’s not surprising that many children become dehydrated during the day. However, to keep your child’s eyes healthy and to avoid an emergency children’s eye exam, here are a few ways to keep your child hydrated!

One way to do this is to encourage them to drink water regularly – even if they’re not thirsty. You can also pack water bottles for them to take with them when they’re out and about. And if you’re concerned about their hydration levels, you can always schedule a children’s eye exam with an eye specialist to see if it’s affecting your child’s eye health. Alternatively, you can use eye drops to make sure your child’s eyes are staying moist and healthy while they play in the sun!Caffeinated food and drinks are also major dehydrators, so make sure you’re steering clear of cola and other caffeinated beverages!