We Are Celebrating Our First Event For Kids!

By February 25, 2020July 10th, 2020Blog Post

Vizavance is the sole non-profit organization in Oklahoma whose primary aim is to help improve children’s’ education through better vision. Our organization offers free children’s eye exams in Oklahoma. It helps in the early identification of different types of vision problems. If these problems go unnoticed or are neglected, they can affect academic performance.

We provide free children’s eye test facilities, free of cost at schools, head start centers, and more. Our experts use charts and/or special cameras to check for vision problems or underlying issues. If we notice any problems, it will be mentioned in the report we provide. This allows parents to seek professional treatment from a qualified ophthalmologist.

We firmly believe that all children should have vision screenings annually. These can have a considerable impact on their overall development. Untreated vision problems can affect a child’s ability to learn. Our vision screening for Oklahoma children programs are entirely free. As a non-profit, we need to have funds to do the good work we are committed to. It’s why we conduct various fundraising events throughout the year.

About the Seemore and Friends Event

The Seemore and Friends event is the first one our organization is conducting this year for children. It is scheduled for Feb 29, 2020, between 2-5 pm at 50 Penn Place on Retail Level 1. So bring your kids to this fantastic event. There are exciting games to keep the little ones entertained.

Live-action characters will up the excitement during storytime. But that isn’t all- there are raffles and food too, and the tickets are available at $5.00 only. You can book your tickets HERE. All proceeds from the event go towards our free children’s eye exam programs. So while your kids have fun at the Seemore and Friends Event, you will also be doing your bit for a worthy cause.

What Our Vision Screening Process Involves

Our eye exams for kids are not a replacement for comprehensive vision testing that a qualified ophthalmologist will do. However, they are an excellent early detection system. It helps spot vision issues that may not be noticed at all. Some of the tests we conduct include:

Distance Visual Acuity
Random Dot E Stereopsis Test
SPOT Vision Screener Camera

Also, we conduct near vision tests and color vision tests. We use the latest technology in our work, and our expert team is trained to detect underlying vision problems in kids. They will provide a preliminary eye test for kids’ report once the screening is complete.
Vizavance also has many different charitable programs that benefit financially disadvantaged parents.

We work with Head Start Centers, daycare centers, as well as private and public schools throughout the 77 counties of Oklahoma. We also offer benefit vouchers via our Vision Service Plan, which includes free exams as well as glasses for qualifying families. You can reach us at the Tulsa office by calling 918 496 3484 or at the OKC office by calling 405 848 7123.