Your Children’s Vision Is Imperative To Learning

By September 13, 2019Blog Post
Children's Vision and Learning

The correlation between a child’s academic performance and vision problem is now well established. That is why early identification of vision problems gained recognition. Vizavance is the sole non-profit organization in Oklahoma that works to advance children’s education through better vision. We provide free vision screenings for Oklahoma children.

Benefits of Vision Screening

Normal and healthy vision plays a crucial role in improving academic and sports performance. Eye exams for kids ensure that any problems can be spotted and fixed early on. Good vision is necessary for some basic skills in learning that require good eyesight.

Basic Vision Skills

Studies show that vision problems can occur in very young children. Five to ten percent of preschoolers, and about 25 percent of school-aged children suffer from vision problems. Children tend to be more responsive to vision treatment when you diagnose their eye problems at an early age. Besides removing the physical discomfort of poor eyesight, eye treatment is vital for the improvement of basic skills needed for learning, such as:

Distance vision
Near vision
Focusing skills
Peripheral awareness
Eye movement skills
Binocular (two eyes) coordination
Cognitive development
Hand-eye coordination

Young children can experience various kinds of eye problems, but the issues often continue unidentified because they do not recognize them as problems. Some of these issues are easy to treat, while others require special treatment.

Treatment can happen only when detected through vision screening for Oklahoma children. That is why the AOA (American Optometric Association) recommends eye examinations at six months of age for infants, again at age three and age five to six before entering first grade.

At Vizavance, we focus our efforts on detecting eye problems as early as possible to enable timely treatment. We endeavor to prevent the problems from becoming severe so that children have their potential vision while they are growing and learning. We are the leaders in carrying out vision screening for Oklahoma children on an annual basis.

Range of Vision Screening Tests

At Vizavance, a range of vision screening tests for school children in OKC are available such as:

Pupil response
Response to light
Visually-evoked response testing
Ability to follow a moving target

In addition to the above eye tests for kids, the following tests are conducted based on the child’s age.

Visual acuity tests – Various tests and charts used to measure near and distant vision. Attractive charts with pictures and stories than just letters used for preschoolers.

Color testing – This free children’s eye test detects color deficiency or color blindness in a child.

Free Children’s Vision Test OK

We move forth on our mission to conduct free eye exam for Oklahoma kids in large numbers. Our eye testing services cover over 1300 locations throughout Oklahoma for thousands of children. The major institutions that benefit from our vision program are public & private schools, daycare centers as well as head start centers, etc.

It’s how we make a difference to the communities throughout Oklahoma. If you want more information on our OKC free eye exams, contact Vizavance at 405-848-7123.