How To Approach Getting Back To Normalcy?

By May 15, 2020 Blog Post
Mother and Child in Face Mask

The pandemic has had a significant impact on society and everyday life. People have stayed indoors for months, millions have lost their jobs, billions have stopped visiting businesses like restaurants, movie theatres, and other such establishments. It is hard to imagine getting back to a state of relative normalcy after such a big event. At Vizavance, we believe that getting back to normalcy is possible, but it is still essential to be careful. We offer free children’s eye exams in Oklahoma and have come up with strategies to do so safely after the pandemic. Here are some tips we found helpful during the planning process:

  1. Continue Being Cautious

It is wise to remain cautious even after stepping out into the world. Maintain the habit of washing hands, limit physical contact as much as possible, practice social distancing, and wear masks. It is essential to teach your children to be careful as well. Make sure they always wash their hands, check-in with the school regularly, avoid public transport like buses if possible, and take other such necessary precautions.

  1. Focus on Family Health

The pandemic has led to people neglecting their health, which can have serious long-term consequences. Arrange for a full check-up after the pandemic restrictions are lifted so you can keep track of your body. Sign up for an eye exam for kids in Oklahoma to make sure your children have good vision. Set an appointment with a dentist for a clean-up and to fill any new cavities. Focusing on the family’s overall health will help you get ready for regular life.

  1. Always Self-Isolate

Falling ill can place hundreds of people at risk. Even a single person can cause several infections, which is why self-isolation is important. If you experience symptoms like cold, cough, headaches, fevers, and difficulty in breathing, self-isolate immediately. No one is safe until there’s a readily-accessible vaccine for coronavirus. The only way to avoid a second outbreak is to take all these precautions.

  1. Limit Visiting Crowded Spaces

Crowded spaces like malls and entertainment centers are risky, which is why you need to limit visiting them as much as possible. Avoid these places or visit when they are less crowded so you can practice social distancing. Most businesses will have some safety guidelines and instructions to follow. Observe all of these instructions without fail to keep yourself and the employees safe.

  1. Provide Safe Entertainment Options

Children have an active mind, and it is challenging to keep them entertained. Come up with alternate activities to avoid visiting crowded spaces. There are several games you can play at home or in the backyard. Parents in the neighborhood can also organize trips to local parks and open spaces, which aren’t as risky as enclosed places like movie theatres.

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