What To Expect In Your Kids FREE Eye Test

By July 22, 2019Blog Post

When you are getting your children’s vision tested, the screener will conduct a comprehensive physical and get a detailed history. This examination includes a thorough eye exam. We at Vizavance offer free vision screenings for children in the six months to high school senior ages. As a parent, you want to know what is included in the child’s free eye test.

Here is some information that will help you get a better understanding of the process that we follow. Many different vision tests could be conducted to check a kid’s vision. Some of these tests are based on the child’s age and understanding, while others may be conducted at any age.

Range of Tests

We are a non-profit that works tirelessly and conducts vision screening test for kids OKC at public and private schools as well as community locations across all the counties in Oklahoma. The range of tests that we offer include:

Infant Eye Testing

Pupil Response- In this test a penlight is directed into eyes which helps to measure the pupil’s response to light. It is a common way to test an infant’s vision.

Ability to Visually Follow Moving Targets- This vision acuity test is another one commonly used in infant eye testing. It helps to check their ability to look at & follow an object/toy.

Visually-Evoked Response Testing- These are a range of tests that use distinctive patterns or bright lights to test the child’s vision.

Older Infants & Toddlers’ Eye Screenings

Most of the tests mentioned above could be performed during a toddler’s eye screenings. Some other tests include the uncover & cover test. It looks for overall alignment & the movement of the eyes that may take place when the child is focusing on an object very intently. A small card will be used to cover one eye while the child is asked to stare ahead.
The examiner then observes the response of the other eye carefully.

Vision Screening Tests for Preschool Children

The vision tests used to check toddlers’ vision will be used in vision screening for preschoolers in OKC. If the child is in the 3-years age range, some other tests will be used as well, such as:

Color Testing- This particular test is helpful to determine color blindness in kids.

Visual Acuity Tests- Specific tests and charts could be used to measure near & distant vision. If a preschooler’s vision is being tested, the charts may have pictures and stories rather than any letters.

School-Aged Children’s Vision Screening Tests

For school-going children, select charts and instruments will be used to conduct vision tests. Far and near vision will be evaluated using these tests. Vizavance is the only non-profit entity in Oklahoma that aims to help improve children’s vision.

If you want more information on our OKC free eye screening services for children, contact Vizavance at 405-848-7123. You can book an appointment for free eye exams in Oklahoma at the earliest convenience.