Summer Is The Perfect Time To Test Your Kids Vision For FREE

By June 18, 2019July 22nd, 2019Blog Post
Kids Vision Screening

Ignoring vision problems in young children can impact their ability to learn. This makes it necessary to get a vision exam for children done before they enter school. Many parents are unaware that vision problems are prevalent among children and do not get their children’s eyes tested. Only 15% of children undergo a thorough vision test, while 25% suffer from severe vision problems.

At Vizavance, we offer specialized free vision screening for Oklahoma children. We carry out comprehensive tests to identify vision problems in children and recommend suitable solutions.

Why Is Summer The Best Time For Free Children’s Eye Test?

We encourage parents to get their children’s eye test Oklahoma done during the summer holidays because:

Time availability

On average, children’s eye screenings need about 30 minutes. However, in case of a child with a vision problem, the optometrist may need to carry out some additional tests that require additional visits. Holidays are a good time to sort out these vision problems because you do not need to work around your child’s school schedule. You have the comfort of getting children’s eye test Oklahoma done properly.

Free of School-Related Stress

Your child may love to go to school, but school can also mean stress. If your child is identified with a vision problem, it is better to start the treatment during the holidays. If you get a free children’s eye exam at the beginning of the summer holidays and find that your child needs to wear glasses, they gets enough time to adjust to wearing them before school starts. Optometrists find that children need a little longer than adults to get used to glasses, and it is a right step to attend to vision problems during summertime.

Infusing Confidence

It is but natural that children would not like to wear glasses because they find it a big obstruction and a bother to care for them. Sometimes, they may become self-conscious and fear being targeted and teased by other children. If they get used to glasses during the holidays, they would be able to face their classmates with confidence.

All this makes summer the best time for an eye exam for kids Oklahoma. Once you get it done during the holidays, you don’t have to be worried about the appointments during busy school days. For this reason, we persuade parents to get their children’s eye tests done twice or once a year. It helps keep track of the problem and you are able to identify the issue at a very early stage. And even if the problem is severe, early treatment can help your child manage it in a better way.

Our free children’s vision test OK ensures your child gets a comprehensive eye exam. If you want to know more or want to get vision screening for Oklahoma children, don’t hesitate to contact us at Vizavance. You can reach us at the Tulsa office by calling 918 496 3484 or at the OKC office by calling 405 848 7123.