Vizavance is the singular nonprofit organization in Oklahoma whose goal is to help encourage children’s education via better vision. Free vision screenings are provided to school children in Oklahoma. This helps to identify any vision problems at an early age.

A child’s academic performance can get affected if vision problems aren’t diagnosed early on and these tests help avoid that. We conduct these tests with regularity in schools across Oklahoma.  So far, during the 2018-2019 school year, we have carried out vision screenings for 226,053 children.

Free Vision Screenings Oklahoma

We offer our services in over 1300 locations all over Oklahoma and conduct these vision screenings in both public as well as various private schools, day care centers, and head start centers etc. These are completely free screenings that we provide for children between the ages of 6 months right up to high school seniors.

The free vision screenings OKC are conducted consistently and with extreme dedication. Most of the tests can also be performed on toddlers and older infants. In addition to this, both cover & uncover tests will also be carried out.

Testing Children’s Vision in Oklahoma

Our primary objective is to make a difference in the way people look at eye-related problems and to encourage them to get proper treatment in time. Many children develop different eye problems at a very young age. Some of these problems are pretty easy to cure & not permanent while some of them require a specialized approach & treatment.

Specialists recommend that by the time the child is a year old, tests should be conducted to ensure that he/she does not suffer from any problems. If vision problems are not diagnosed on time, that can affect the child’s cognitive development.

Different Types of Tests

We conduct a range of vision screening tests for school children in OKC such as:

  • Response to light
  • Pupil response
  • Ability to follow a moving target
  • Visually-evoked response testing

In addition, depending on the age of the child, the other tests that could be carried out, include:

  • Color testing– This is helpful in determining whether a child has color blindness.
  • Visual acuity tests- Different tests and charts may be used to measure near vision & distant vision. In the case of preschoolers, the charts will have pictures & stories rather than just letters.

Visual Screenings For School-Aged Children

Our mission at Vizavance is to catch vision problems early on so that the children receive proper treatment to ensure further escalation of any of these issues. To make sure that children reach their full potential, vision-related issues should be carried out on children of all ages. We are proud to conduct free screenings of thousands of children annually. This is our way to make a difference to the communities of Oklahoma. If you want more information on our OKC free eye screening services for children, contact Vizavance or give us a call at 405-848-7123. You can book an appointment for free eye exams in Oklahoma at the earliest convenience.