Yes, We Provide Free Eye Tests for Children of Oklahoma!

By April 19, 2018December 13th, 2018Blog Post

Parents always have a long “to-do” list during the school season. It’s a very busy time of the year; but in addition to getting new clothes, school supplies, backpacks etc., one thing that shouldn’t take a back seat is vision screening. When it comes your child’s eye health, it’s always best to follow the prevention is better than cure approach.
The (American Academy of Ophthalmology) AAO’s serves as an advocate for the public and patients in relation to protecting sight and empowering lives. The organization has designated August to be “Back-to-School Eye Health month”. We at Vizavance enthusiastically have similar objectives.
We are a non- profit entity in Oklahoma with the primary aim to advance children’s’ education through better eyesight. We offer free eye exams Oklahoma to school children, helping identify vision issues that if left unidentified, could seriously impact the child’s ability to achieve academic excellence.
The importance of regular vision screening
Family physicians, pediatricians, trained technicians or nurses can perform free eye exams Oklahoma, during the course of the child’s standard medical checkup. These screenings don’t take too much time, and help identify problems with vision. If we detect any problem during the screening, the parents will be recommended to take their child for a more comprehensive eye examination that generally involves an eye dilation procedure.
Since only 2-4% of children actually have eye problems that need ophthalmic intervention. Vision screenings are a very efficient and cost-effective method of diagnosing eye conditions in kids, rather than getting a comprehensive eye exam done.
Why Opt for Vizavance kids free eye exams Oklahoma?
Vizavance provides free vision screenings for kids that are 6-months old to high-school seniors. We work with Head Start Centers, public & private schools and day care centers, throughout all 77 counties of Oklahoma.
We offer our Vision Service Plan vouchers; this covers free eye exams & glasses for qualifying families. Aside from this, we also offer vision screening for children; and vision health and safety information at corporate, school health and community fairs.
All of our staff and screeners are state certified. As per state laws K, 1st & 3rd grade children need to be chart screened by certified screeners.Our experts provide immediate feedback to nurses and teachers on vision problems.We also maintain back up files to helps nurses and schools from year-to-year.We have a state-wide presence with a fixed curriculum, so the testing is standardized.Efficient, reliable & completely focused on our mission.We catch eye problems early that could eventually lead to learning disabilities.We are very passionate about our work, love our jobs and what we do; our team is highly committed to helping the kids of Oklahoma.We follow the state vision screening guidelines and laws.
Never use uncertified providers, as that could impact your compliance if audited. As you can see, we are the experts and can provide the best kids free eye exams. For any more information, call Vizavance at 405-848-7123 or email us at