We Have Screened 313,371 Students!

By August 16, 2017December 13th, 2018Blog Post

Vizavance is a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma that provides free vision screenings to students across the state. In the 2015-2016 school year, over 360,000 students were screened, and so far, this year 313,371 students have been screened.How Do the Numbers Add Up? The numbers represent the children whose lives were affected by having their vision screened. Majority of what children learn in the classroom involves vision. Depending on the age of the child, it is hard to notice if they are struggling to see, especially if they don’t know what they are seeing isn’t normal. Vision problems are very significant when it comes to learning and developing. A staggering 25% of school-aged children have a vision problem that, when gone unnoticed, has negatively impacted their learning abilities. If never corrected, vision problems are linked with juvenile delinquency – startlingly, 70% of children considered delinquent have issues with their vision. Vizavance assists Oklahoma schools to ensure all children in Oklahoma are provided with free vision screening. Of the screenings done last year, about 36,000 children were recommended for a complete eye exam in order for the children to get corrective lenses.Children Won’t Always Speak for Themselves Vision problems often go unnoticed. Your children may not be aware they should be seeing the world in a different way. A vision screening allows parents to get a better idea of the condition of your child’s eyes and if they may need a vision adjustment. Here are some common signs your child is struggling to see. Sitting close to the TV. If your child sits very close to the TV, it may not be because they really like the show. Most likely, they are struggling to see. Squinting their eyes. Pay attention when your child is trying to focus on things in the distance. If you notice they are squinting a lot, they may be having difficulty seeing. Complaints of headaches. Constant strain on the eyes or trying to see clearly can cause headaches. If your child is complaining of frequent headaches, especially after reading or screen time, they may have a vision problem. Contact your school today to find out when Vizavance can provide a free vision screening.